Functionalities of Latest Snapchat Update

While studying at Stanford University, Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy developed Snapchat. This is a messaging application software whereby users communicate using images. It is now in the list of the most commonly used applications in the social media.

However, in the past, it had been almost impossible to use Snapchat alone without involving other applications. This was due to the fact that Android and iOS device users could not upload images from their galleries to their Snapchat stories. The application didn’t have that option.

One therefore had to download other applications such as Swift pic, photosaver and even Snap Up which allowed them to do the uploading.

The Latest Updates

Android and iOS device users now have a reason to smile since things have been made easier and Snapchat can now be used without having to download another application from stores.

It has been updated and all that one has to do is follow the upload instructions. The following steps should be followed in order to get the best out of the updates in the Snapchat app;

For iOS;

• Allow your iPhone to use the photos in the gallery. By doing this, you grant the iPhone permission to upload your images on snapchat. Go to the device’s settings, choose privacy on the part of the photos. Once there, swap it ‘on’ (Settings>Privacy>On).

• In that mode, the iOS can upload the images from gallery to Snapchat.

For Android;

To commence the upload:

• The image to be uploaded must me saved in the device’s gallery.

• Open the Snapchat application from your device’s app menu.

• Tap the small box, usually at the bottom on the right side of the camera screen. The box is grey in all Android phones.

• Select the image to be uploaded. To make it more interesting, include a caption or any other drawing. Some people even add geofilters.

For those operating an iOS 8 devices, the update is enhanced further. One just needs to browse the gallery, choose the image to be shared and tap the share option. Various apps are then listed to which you may share your image. To find the Snapchat app, tap the ‘more’ icon. The icon is denoted in three dots (…). Once the Snapchat icon is selected, the checked image will be uploaded. This method is more direct and makes it also possible to include other drawings for this too as it makes your stories more colorful. You must not be an artist to do this as the whole process is enhanced making the drawing process very simple.

How to make Face Swap in Snapchat

Face swap is taking the mobile world by storm, and you will love it. This phenomenon is amazing, and you should jump on this bandwagon right away. You can use Snapchat and its new lenses to take advantage of this new feature. Snapchat has a new amazing feature. This feature will allow you to use your own pictures to swap faces using your mobile device. Here we are going to talk a little bit about how to make a face swap, Snapchat`s new feature, so read on to find out more.

How to make a Face Swap, Snapchat`s New Feature

1. Make sure you use the camera screen after launching your Snapchat from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Now what you need to do is swap your camera so it is facing you.
2. Activate lenses. You must now hold and tap your face till you see a kind of mesh for all over your face. Snapchat will work hard to map your face. The lens options appear at the screen`s bottom, and you just have to swipe through these lenses. There is an icon with two amazing, smiley faces inside. This is the face swap. Now you should see two faces on your screen`s main portion.
3. Align the face. Get the help of another person and align your faces with some icons that you will see on the screen till these faces are yellow. Snapchat will move the other person`s face to fit yours. It means that his or her face will move on your beautiful body every time you talk. This will make you laugh a lot, as this process is tons of fun. You will be able to screenshot any kind of photo, drawing or something else looking like a face. Next, you can put the mug on to make it your own mask. Teens tend to go crazy after this step. Remember that the swap will start if the app recognizes the faces.
4. Saving the face swap. To capture your face, you have to tap a circle found at the face swap icon`s bottom. There is an icon at the face swap icon`s bottom left corner that you can use to save the face to your library.
5. New, hot face swap lens. You can swap your beautiful face with just a picture from your library. Launch your Snapchat and scroll so as to find the face swap icon – it has a purple color. To make the lens options pop up, tap and hold on your face. Upgrade your Snapchat if you don`t see any kind of icon appear on the screen. You will see tons faces popping up as Snapchat starts out doing its amazing job. Tap any image you like to see outstanding, magical results right away. To make a video clip, hold down on your snap button or snap a photo.

If you are having trouble with your face swap, don`t worry. There are some things you can do to solve this problem. You should look right ahead. Then you must hold your camera further away. You can even use a selfie if you`re having trouble getting the right distance. Snapchat has a new feature called Birthday Party Lens that you can use after a face swap to have more fun.

Rear camera filters

Time for a new filters on the rear camera. Is best used when you want to record a friend or some thing with your back camera.


Just click on the camera icon.




This come with latest update for iPhone and Android devices. Make sure you have updated Snapchat app.

Now you can easy change beetwen selfie and rear camera, we are no longer limited to the front camera only.

Also you can use all filters as usual.