Johann Reul

Die Suche betrifft das Jahr oder den Zeitraum: 1831
Genaue Orts-/Gebietseingrenzung: Cronberg
Konfession der gesuchten Person(en): Johann Reul
Bisher selbst durchgeführte Internet-Recherche (Datenbanken): born 1831
Zur Antwortfindung bereits genutzte Anlaufstellen (Ämter, Archive):

I hope someone is able to help me. I received a link which I cannot open for Johann Reul born June 30, 1831 in Cronberg and married on June 9, 1857 to Anna Christine Leopold also in Cronberg.

I am searching for his parents who may be Franz Reul and Juliane Gehring.
Franz has a brother which complicates the research.

I appreciate your help!
Regards, Gloria

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